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Amid the southern charm of a small town just north of Columbia, South Carolina, a young star was born; Sofia Lynch was born with a God-given gift and a destiny. 


With the sounds of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and The Cranberries echoing the walls during her childhood, the young sensitive soul, proficient on both guitar and piano, envisioned pop stardom. 


Sofia graduated from Blythewood High School. She attended Middle Tennessee State University where she studied Commercial Songwriting, and minored in Music with a focus on Classical Music Studies. The ambitious and committed student graduated in 2023. 


Sofia's artistry is a reflection of her trusting, introspective yet fun-loving nature and her propensity to uplift others. 


The young songwriter’s musical inspiration blossoms from the world around her–from intimate interactions with strangers to the grand tapestry of nature. Her music has become her lifeline– a philosophical compass to guide her through the peaks and valleys and encapsulates the reflective nuances of her character and the spirit to walk in her own path. Unrivaled gratification comes from performing her original songs on stage before audiences that embrace her words.


Admiring the tenacity of Taylor Swift, the innovation of Billie Eilish, and the lyrical depth of Lorde and other “sad girls” Phoebe Bridgers and Maisie Peters, Sofia aspires to bend the rules of genre. Her musical tastes, as varied as her talents, range from the defiant anthems of Chappell Roan’s “Midwest Princess” to the reflective depths of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." The songs that she pens beam with unique emotional expression and narrate chapters of her life that unfold in harmony.

Since the launch of her career, Sofia has worked alongside Grammy-winning producers (Thomas Scott Hoffman and Femke Weidema-Reynolds) and inked a sync license deal with Cream Collective. Sofia made her formal professional introduction at the age of 14 with her first EP, titled IN MY MIND. Her album, LATELY, released in 2020, amassed more than 50,000 streams, with the title track, “Lately,” enjoying more than a million TikTok views.

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