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Old enough to drive now (but just barely), Sofia Lynch started writing songs at the age of seven--inspired by the mega-success of Taylor Swift’s similar beginnings. Impressing family, friends, and music teachers from the start, Lynch soon picked up a guitar and quickly caught the ear of others including the Commodore Grille in Nashville, where she played an open mic night and was invited back for a songwriter’s round soon after. Lynch has also performed at the open mic night of the venerable Music City Venue The Bluebird Cafe, where they liked her so much that she was asked to sing a second song.

Lynch possesses a maturity beyond her years in both writing and singing style; a fan of literate, intensely personal performers such as Sara Bareilles or Joni Mitchell, the emotional weight of her lyrics and voice hold up well in comparison to those and other mainstream adult artists. 

A full plate of education, family, and travel opportunities has given Lynch experience far outside the high school lunchroom, with multiple trips to Europe and other points overseas expanding the Columbia, South Carolina native’s worldview. As a writer she still keeps her subject matter close at hand, however.

“I write something every day--a song, maybe a journal entry,” Lynch says. “They come out as fictional stories, but with some truth in each of them. The best ones, I think, have been from experiences that happened to me or others close to me.”

It is that personal connection with what she writes about which shines through in the songs on her debut EP In My Mind, available now through CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and her website, From the description of an ordinary girl, “Abigail,” to the true story of her parents’ improbable courtship and subsequent relationship, “Home Again,” Lynch touches on the universal by singing about specifics. 

Recorded by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studios, In My Mind is a fully realized framework for the still nascent, raw talent of Lynch. Williams himself played many of the instrumental parts, providing a glimpse of what she could do with a full band and a large stage. For now, Lynch is concentrating on balancing school and an expanding solo performance schedule, coming to a venue near you soon.